Our Mission

We are a movement of entrepreneur, working to make families stronger and more united, while building a legacy of freedom for the next generation.

Our Vision

To be a dominant, life-changing individual, reaching and positively impacting the lives of families across the world. To foster a culture and an environment that is exciting, liberating, and inspiring; allowing individuals to grow and achieve the actualization of their fullest potential.

Believe and Defend your Dream, inspirational, Motivational, Believe it. Dream it. Defend it.
Believe and Defend your Dream, inspirational, Motivational, Believe it. Dream it. Defend it.

About Fabian

“Adversity occurs in life and we can choose to believe we can overcome it...”

Fabian S. Reid is an entrepreneur and business development executive who was born in the Caribbean island of Barbados, lived in the Dominican Republic for 13 years and now resides in Florida with his wife and their 3 children. Having left school at the age of 16, with no formal qualifications and even finding reading a challenge, Fabian started working for minimum wages in a series of dead-end jobs. Through hard work and an opportunity to start his own home-based business, he bent circumstances to his will. With no investor capital, he organically bootstrapped and built an international business.

Fabian has spoken to more than half a million people in over 20 countries, sharing his story and experience. In his spare time, Fabian enjoys playing golf, exploring digital branding and travelling to amazing destinations with his family. He also devotes some of his free time to mentoring young people on leadership and entrepreneurship.

In the future, Fabian will establish a Foundation that will show others that they too can choose to have a mindset that enables them to go through adversity, failures, successes and, at all times, believe and defend their dreams.