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Dressing for Success Helps

It is not easy to become self-confident, and it takes consistency. If you’re naturally inclined to be self-critical, or you’re used to a toxic environment or people, it can be extra challenging to be self-confident. However, there are steps you can take to build your self-confidence, no matter where you are coming from. When you have a healthy level of self-confidence, it becomes easier to put in the requirements to achieve your personal and professional goals.

What is Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence is the feeling of trusting in one’s qualities, abilities, and judgment. We all know and admire a self-confident person when we see one. Sometimes, we even envy them a little! People who have self-confidence are usually at home with themselves, their work, and the people around them. Thus, others can trust them. If you have self-confidence, you can easily inspire the same in others.

A self-confident person remains so regardless of their imperfections and weaknesses, not because they are living in delusion but because they are self-aware.

Self-confidence differs from self-esteem because the latter is more general and focuses on our ability to cope with whatever happens in our lives. Moreover, in a way, self-esteem derives from the feeling of approval by the people around us, and this is beyond our control. So, if we experience a high level of rejection or criticism from people, our self-esteem may tank without other support structures.

Why Self-Confidence Matters

Self-confidence affects every area of our lives, yet many people struggle to have it. Since people who lack self-confidence are less likely to attain success, a negative cycle can develop where the results they get further reinforce the belief that they’re unworthy and incompetent, which leads to lesser confidence.

Self-confidence matters because it gives us an advantage. For instance, if you have to choose between investing in a company where the founder appears nervous, unsure, and apologetic and one where the founder speaks clearly, answers questions assuredly, and admits when they don’t know something, you’re likely to invest in the latter. Self-confidence is infectious. When you appear to people as if you know what you’re doing, they’re also likely to assume that you indeed do. This is a secret that scammers and fraudsters understand, and it explains why people keep falling for the same gimmick over again. It’s usually less about the lies they tell and more about the assurance they use to tell the lies. If people who peddle falsehood can still be confident about it, how much more the person that has value to offer!

When you have self-confidence, the people around you will become better for it. Your colleagues, bosses, audience, social media followers, friends, and family will also be challenged to be more confident. When it comes to succeeding in life and inspiring others to do so, self-confidence is non-negotiable.

Benefits of Self-Confidence

There are many ways self-confidence can help you to achieve success. Here are some of the positive effects of self-confidence:

Willingness to try new things or new ways – When you believe in yourself, you’ll become more willing to try new things or do old things in a new way. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll believe in yourself well enough to act on it instead of wondering how things won’t work out and allowing your fears to immobilize you.

Better performance – Self-confidence helps you to utilize your resources. Since you’re unlikely to waste time and energy thinking about how things can go wrong, then you’ll be able to focus on the best way to expend your resources and optimize the output.

Better resilience – Self-confidence does not mean things will always work out as expected. Sometimes, you encounter difficulties, setbacks, or even failures. But if you believe in yourself, then you can easily bounce back from the unpleasant experiences and create other opportunities.

Improved relationships – Everyone loves to be around people who believe in themselves. You’re likely to have healthy and happy relationships in your personal and professional life when you are a confident person.

Believe and Defend your Dream, inspirational, Motivational, Believe it. Dream it. Defend it.

How Dressing for Success Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is crucial to your well-being because of its benefits to your mental and emotional health. It is also pivotal in driving you to success. Research has shown that how a person dresses influences their performance and the impressions others have about them. For instance, when you wear clothes that are generally associated with success or intelligence, it can change your cognitive functioning and the way you interact with others. Moreover, till now, people address others the way they dress. Yes. A lot of people still judge a book by its cover. Instead of expecting them to change, it does no harm to look better. With your clothes alone, you can project a strong, audacious, smart, and powerful persona. If changing your wardrobe can fast-track the process of getting what you want, then, by all means, go for it.

By the way, some people think that caring about clothing and first impression is shallow and materialistic. However, there is a scientific confirmation of the connection between how we feel about ourselves and our appearance. Instead of fighting this fact, why not take advantage of it to dress for success?

If is not the clothes or items that boost your self-confidence though. It is your mind. When you wear an outfit that you link with power and intelligence, you’re likely to perform and feel better than when you’re wearing an outfit that bears no significant message. Also, the cloths that link to particular traits you desire is totally subject to your interpretation. The important thing is to wear clothes that help you to channel your inner confidence the most; whether it’s a designer suit or a sundress. Apart from dressing to express your personal style, these styling tips can help you look your best and boost your confidence:

Wear clothes that fit – Well-fitting clothes flatter your figure or build. They also make you appear more organized and in control. Measure yourself properly and try on clothes before you make payment. If necessary, have your tailor alter the clothes for a perfect fit.

Dress appropriately for the season – Dress appropriately for the weather outside so you can be comfortable at all times. Have a quality jacket for winter, some flattering summer clothes, and light sweaters for spring and fall.

Dress for the occasion – There are times when some clothes are suitable for an occasion and some are unacceptable. Dress appropriately. In some cases, you may even need to wear a uniform. Pay attention to your clothes to be sure they’re proper. Where you can get creative, be inventive with your clothes.

Other Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others – No matter how well you are doing, when you compare yourself to others, you’re bound to destroy your self-confidence. You either begin to think you’re not good enough and become discontented, or you overestimate what you can do and take unnecessary risks. We are all tempted to compare ourselves with others, but it is a habit you must deliberately break if you want to build and sustain self-confidence. Realize that everyone is running their own race in life.

Take Care of Your Body – Self-confidence and ill-health rarely go well together. As much as is within your power, take care of your body. Eat healthy nutritious meals at the right time. Drink water regularly. Exercise and take supplements. Caring for your body passes the message to your brain that you think of yourself as precious. When you positively care for yourself this way, you will feel good and light and this will help to boost your self-confidence.

Be Compassionate to Yourself – You will make mistakes. You will even fail. You must be willing to go easy on yourself. When you experience setbacks or don’t achieve your goals, don’t give up and begin to see yourself through those temporary losses. Pick yourself back up and keep it moving.

Embrace Self-Doubt – If you wait till you feel confident to take actions that require confidence, you may never get to take those actions. Self-confidence is a state of the heart and mind. If you believe you are important, precious and valuable, then take steps that show that. Apply for that high-end job. Ask for that promotion. Ask that guy out. Go ahead with that proposal. Don’t wait till you feel confident. You already are. Take that step now. Sometimes, taking action first is requisite to discover just how confident you already are. Don’t be afraid to try things that you don’t feel confident enough to handle.


Everyone struggles with self-confidence at one time or another. But anyone can also build self-confidence. It is important to have a healthy dose of self-confidence to live a successful life. If your self-confidence issues already affect your productivity or normal functionality, then you should take the work of building your self-confidence seriously. Depending on the severity, you may need to seek help from a mental health professional.

Believe and Defend your Dream, inspirational, Motivational, Believe it. Dream it. Defend it.

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    I had to stop comparing my self to others and run my own race.
    This has stabilized me as I seek only to compare the today me to the past me looking see my improvements and how i will get better tomorrow.

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